Episode 7 - Senator Richard Ojeda and Rusty Williams

by WV Green Is The New Black

For Episode 7 we have two of the most instrumental people in the creation and passing of the Medical Cannabis Act in West Virginia.  Senator Richard Ojeda of Logan County has praised Rusty Williams on multiple occasions crediting him with giving him “A Mission”.  Rusty met Senator Ojeda at the beginning of the 2017 session as was so moved by Rusty’s story (listen to Episode 1 to hear it first hand) that he decided that he would make the Medical Cannabis issue is the mission for the session and beyond.

On the podcast, we dive deep into SB 386 (The West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act) it’s inception, it’s purpose, and how it was ultimately detrimentally altered prior to leaving the House of Delegates via The Shott Amendment.  We do celebrate the progress but no one on this podcast has any intention of leaving it as is.  The opioid crisis and the ability of cannabis to treat patients with pain is covered along with many of the other reasons why criminalizing patients in need has hurt West Virginia for decades.